Dolor A. Martin 

we will remember him


On Thursday, November 11th, 1943, at 2.15 pm, the 28 year old 2nd Lieutenant Dolor A. Martin from Gloucester Massachusetts died in a farmland in “De Kraats”, Bennekom, The Netherlands.

This sign was made possible by a successful campaign at “EdeDoet” in the autumn of 2020, 135 (anonymous) donors contributed their check.

In 2018, it was 75 years ago, there was a commemoration here with the students of group 8 of the Kraatsschool.

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This HVOB information board was conceived and implemented in the spring of 2021 by Jan van Eck, Kees Heitink, Dolf van Kampen and Aalt Jacob Welgraven, all members of the Historical Association Oud-Bennekom.

The design is from Jan Hiensch Grafisch Ontwerp, Barneveld
Thanks to: Stuart Martin, Frederik Paauwe en Egbert van der Stouw


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Gemeentearchief Ede

Copyright old photos:  dhr. F.C. Paauwe
other photos: HVOB

Via Dolorosa

Does the landscape remember something?

Does the world dwell on anything?

Or is it: eternal cycle of times,

dust returning to dust?

There was a man. His name: Dolor.

His via dolorosa: heavenly arc,

from high

till where the earth does draw a line.

Crashed here, poured out

like seed.

The field of death receives it,

hides it in her womb and waits,

while cattle ruminates the time,

of time unconscious.

I think of him, survey the land

where he in peace may rest. 



The road to “Via Dolorosa”

World War II has fascinated me from childhood. This also has to do with my personal history. My grandfather Egbert, whose name I bear, died just before the liberation of Rijssen, my birthplace in Twente. While (as a member of the Air Defense Service) he was carrying out rescue work after the crash of a V-1 on a residential area near his home – as my grandmother told me as a child – an allied bomber that was returning from a mission over Germany dropped another bomb into the fires. My grandfather was killed in the process. The story of Dolor Martin touched me because – like my grandfather – he was also a young father who lost his life because of this war. In addition, he accompanied a mission of allied bombers, which connects his story and that of my grandfather in a special way. What most inspired me to write this poem is the first name ‘Dolor’ of this crashed pilot. This Latin word is also found in ‘Via Dolorosa’, literally the agony that Jesus went through on the way to his execution. Dolor Martin also went through such an agony. He gave his life for our freedom. With this poem I want to keep the memory of him alive and honor his name.

Egbert van der Stouw

2003 (Omroep Gelderland)

Oud-Bennekom has placed three more of these information signs in Bennekom.

The sign on the left was placed at the Bennekom cemetery in 2013. (Kerkhoflaan)

The sign above the mill “Onze Rika” was placed in 2018 (roundabout Molenstraat / Commandeursweg)

The sign left below was placed in 2021 (Harsloweg)

Under Boekelo